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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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have the top draft pick. it's not about winning. month who cares if you suck. that's "the fox report." "watters world" starts now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. a new book quoting steve bannon trashing the first family. excerpts from "fire and fury allege bannon called ivanka dumb as bricks and the president issuing an hic smackdown. he said steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not on lost his job but lost his mind.
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later he authorized zero access. i never spoke to him for book. full of lies, misrepresentation and sears that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. marie harf and former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. i don't know what's true or not true from this book. half of it is gossip, hatch it is innuendo. michael wolff gets basic details wrong. sloppy. he may not be super reliable. then wolff himself admitted some of it's not accurate. how do you see it? >> i see this as a piece of
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tabloid fiction. when you have got publications like the failing "new york times" and cnn saying it's sloppy and not accurate and business insider is saying he admits that. i don't know why there is any credibility to this book whatsoever. i know candidate trump, president-elect trump and president trump. the stories in this book are so factually wrong it shouldn't have been published. one of the things in the book is he didn't know who john boehner is. but there is a photo on the internet much trump playing golf with boehner. >> a lot of the stories are far-fetched. but it has a pattern with other reporters who covered the white house.
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that trump is erratic and the white house was in chaos. jesse: one of the things was that the president-elect didn't think he was going to win. then his wife melania cried when he won. everybody knows if not anything, that trump is a winner. and all he wants to do is win. >> he always wins. you want to know somebody who didn't want to win? hillary clinton. she went into hiding several different times during the campaign trail. donald trump was doing two to three events a day. he was in new hampshire and flew to michigan and did this last rally at 2:00 in the morning and got back to la guardia in new
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york in the morning because he wanted to win. the only person who says he didn't want to win was this liar wolff who says he has people on the record, release the tapes because i think you are a liar. jesse: can you say la guardia with your new hampshire accent, please. jesse: they did bring this guy into the white house. he didn't do a one-on-one with president trump. this is fake news, i'm about to say fake news. but there is an excerpt from the book people are saying but this is not from the book. this is how ridiculous it is. on his first night in the white house president trump complained the tv was broken in his bedroom because it didn't have the
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gorilla channel. staff edited out parts of the documentsries where doer rillas weren't hitting each other and then he was satisfied. people think that's part of the book because everything else in the book is so crazy. >> some of it is not so crazy. the white house press staff brought this guy in, hours of meeting. he may have tapes and he may have notes. these are people he interviewed. these are his friends. they are suppose to be part of his team. jesse: i don't think steve bannon was very friendly when he went against the family. >> team trump should be worried if this is how they are talking about each other already. jesse: you know who else should
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be worried? crooked hillary. they are opening up multiple investigations into hillary, they are going after the clinton foundation for pay-to-play. they are reopening the email investigation after 18 classified emails were found. they are look into uranium one and possibly looking into the hes bella situation -- into the hezbollah situation. i want to play you some tape and you can see if this is going to happen. roll it. remember this chant? [crowd chanting lock her up] jesse: with all these investigations going, could we see hillary locked up? >> there is a real deep state in this government, and some of
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them had financial tie to the clinton campaign. senator grassley and lindsey graham said it looks like chris steele who it looks like he was paid by the clinton campaign gigs to be indicted. i think what we'll find is this will go to the highest levels of the clinton campaign. they tried to say there was some pot. money by some clinton attorney who could use this and nobody else in the clinton campaign knew about it. i don't think it's true. i think she knew the emails were hacked from her server. anthony weiner who is in prison somewhere had access to that information. they gave cheryl mills and huma abedin and hillary clinton a pass. jesse: fit was anybody but a
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clinton, they would have been locked up. >> i disagree with you on this, jesse. doj, career people looked at this all the the time and i think republicans don't like the outcome. it's not how it works. it's not how our judicial system works. >> all of these issues, they were part of congressional investigation, doj. this has all been looked at. jesse: you are saying they investigated the clinton foundation pay-for-play and deemed everything is on the up and up? i don't think that's true. >> it's not true christopher steele is about to be indicted. just because two senators say he should be looked at for an investigation doesn't mean he is going to be indicted. jesse: we don't know whether he
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will. >> we had an american sailor who took six pictures on a nuclear subject a mean who spent six months in jail. but hillary clinton's server was compromised. her server was sitting in some guy's bathroom and hillary clinton said the secret service was standing outside the bath room protect is is farcical. >> why are you still fighting 2016, corey? move on. give it up, man. >> when you leak classified information, there is accountability. tie worked in the government with classified information. i know how you handle it. jesse: i think trump is using these investigation as leverage. if they are going to turn the screws on this bogus russia
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collaboration, limits stay let's reopen the hillary investigation. you know what? that's politics. and that's how it goes in washington. i want to talk about the war of words between north korea and the u.s. kim jong-un said he has nuclear weapons that could strike at any minute. the president tweeted back. kim jong-un just stated the newark jar button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted regime please inform that i too have a nuclear button but it is much bigger and more powerful than his and my button works. >> he's cavalier in a way that makes him seem childish and deranged. >> perhaps never have we seem a
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man whose profound masculine and sexual ask activities are threatening to annihilate the planet. jesse: did you read any sexual in that tweet? >> he likes everything to be bigger and the best. he talks about his buildings and his business, fine. that's not how you talk about nuclear war. jesse: why isn't it appropriate for the president of the united states to publicly humiliate this so-called leader in north korea when it comes to the nuclear cars mall? >> if that public humiliation that may feel good to all of us as americans, if that:ness calculates us into a war because there is a crazy leader in north
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korea who doesn't know how to read donald trump's tweets -- >> the last administration did nothing on north korea and left his president to handle it. >> what you have to remember is for 8 years the obama administration did nothing. they allowed north korea to pro mull gait nuclear weapons. even trump's critics say it's time for a different approach in clear *. for 30 years what they have done in washington hasn't worked. if you launch a missile at guam or a u.s. territory we'll respond in kinds. this is not barack obama who will draw a line in the sand. this is as man who speaks the truth tanning north korea has to understand there are consequences, and the united nations has to act in a capacity that says the world is watching you and that wait president has been doing and that's the
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pressure he put on north korea. jesse: i want to show the level of panic on the left. here is some guy at cnn. he was so alarmed that the president was tweet being if the nuclear button he actually contacted twitter. let's take a listen. >> if i asked twitter spokesmen, does this violate twitter's terms of service. they are trying to decide whether this kinds much tweet referring to a nuclear butthon on is a violation of twitter's terms because it may bring violence. >> they need go back to the marijuana smoke on election night. >> this is not a big joke. north korea has nuclear weapons. so does the united states. this will be the biggest
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mid-term we've face in 2018. jesse: i don't know how mature the last administration was. >> you can say i didn't like barack obama and say maybe president trump shouldn't be tweeting like this about north korea. jesse: you know your approach didn't work. we have got to run. and the button is bigger on our side. we'll let everyone know that. my novel nation for the fake news award you have next. you will not be deterred just because your office is measured in acres and a half day of work is twelve hours. nor, will unyielding temperatures and a long list of grueling tasks stop you. your relentless spirit drives you forward
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jesse: the fake news awards is the subject of watters words. president trump tweeted he will be announcing the most of dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year. stay tuned. the president is very busy so we wanted to help him out.
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therefore, with the , "watters s nominating the cnn editor. he tbheetd preparation for an unpredictable trump presidency, i sold owl stock in my kids' education accounts today. i urge you to do the same. ouch. i hate to say this, but against my investment advisors' investigation i sold all stocks and went all cash months ago. fn the dow just soared over 25,000. and he missed out on a 30% increase under trump. kirk accidentally posted porn that he had been looking at.
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he tweeted a screen shot of his computer with animated japanese pornography. he said believe it or not my kids and i were trying to convince my wife that tentacle porn existed. my family reads my twitter feed so they know this is true. who knows this is true. but eichenwold doesn't always tell the truth. he said right-wing extremists are a bigger threat to america than isis. kirk also accused trump supporters of booing astro snawt
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john glenn at a rally. here is his tweet. fake news, curt. trump supporters weren't booing glenn, but booing protesters who were heckling the president. curt was forced to remove the tweet before it had already been reposted. he then went with viral after he claimed donald trump was institutionalized in a looney bin years ago without any proof. tucker carlson challenged him to back it up and he couldn't. you said he was in a mental hospital in 1990. >> if you don't like the answer don't have guests. >> it's a simple question.
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was he in a mental hospital like you claimed or wasn't he. would you like me to answer the quellet me know. if not, say so. you are trying to stop me from giving the answer. jesse: that actually went on for nine minutes. this so-called journalist crossed so many lines this year, it's so hard to count. but here are two very egregious examples again, i rarely curse on this feed. but kellyanne conway telling critics to be careful with what they say. f you, kelly, this is america. nobody tell me how to feel. knowing i lose my insurance, i'm
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dead. as ones with preexisting conditions, i hope every goper who voted for trump care sees a family member get long-term condition, lose insurance and die. f you and die. that's how a well educated mainstream media reporter talks to republicans. he likes to think of himself as well educated but continues to get humiliated by experts on line. here he is pretending to be a political scientist. rage does not work as political opposition. moacial high ground, asking respectful questions of opponents neese work. really? the claim elicited this response. as a historian this is terrible advice. my evidence is, all of history.
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here he is claiming he predicted hurricane irma. i'm not a scientist. but using sea surface temperatures i predicted irma's intensity growth and timing. 100% correct. here is the response from until ryan paue, i am a shirk scientist and this is b.s. it's my honor to nominate kurt teichenwold for fake news of the year award.
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jesse: to say that the president or before he was president -- the before he was president was institutionalized, and was your report at "newsweek," wouldn't you think he would be fired just for that. >> he's also an msnbc reporter. even in front of 3, 4 million people, he couldn't show any contrition. jesse: tucker asked about 100 times. would you like to nominate anybody for the awards? >> this is a smaller example, but it's indicative of 2017. journalists or pundits playing doctors. my wife is a doctor.
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she went to school for a long time to become a doctor. steve schmidt was on tv, and i was talking about jerusalem an got dry mouth. i wouldn't say he slurred his words. but he was suffering from dry mouth. he says the president needs to go to the va and get checked out. it turns out he's going there next week. listen to these reporters. i want to play a montage for you from two days this week. his font questions sarah huckabee sanders is getting asked. >> can you tell me the biggest single thing it president has accomplished for the american people during his time on the
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golf course? >> that's a ridiculous accusation and one we have addressed many times from here before. jesse: just a what running of insane questions. can you imagine if they had asked gibbs, president obama's press secretary that question, what has the president accomplished on the golf course, that reporter would be run out of the room. >> only 26. mercedes6% focus on policy.jessn style and don't want to give him credit for policy accomplishments. i would like to that rachel
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[♪] julie: the northeastern u.s. continuing in the strong grasp of a deep freeze. baltimore, new york city and philadelphia all experiencing single-digit temperatures. the mount washington observatory in new hampshire has seen a minus 100 at some point today. it was the second cold just place in the world today. but monday is expected to be the first day above freezing in weeks. a backlash against quied straight ahead anti-government protests in iran.
5:33 pm
the establishment is blaming the country's enemies. i'm julie banderas. now back to "watters world." >> i would love to have a glass of wine and a couple tokes a day. a j is a joint. jesse: this is a americana cigarette? and you smoke it through this filter. "watters world" donut going down the hatch. is this the hole of the donut? jesse: that was my cannabis bus tour in colorado where it's
5:34 pm
legal. but attorney general jeff sessions is cracking down, promising to enforce the marijuana laws the obama administration ignored. he famously stated his feeling on pot. >> good people don't smoke marijuana. jesse: joining me now, conservative commentator, gina loudon. is it bong holdings. >> bang. jesse: you think it's good for states to legalize marijuana and you are terrified of jeff sessions coming in and ruining the party, correct? >> here is what i'm telling my shareholders. the legal marijuana market is past the point of no return. the only thing jeff sessions is
5:35 pm
doing is galvanizing republicans and independents who use cannabis and medical marijuana in their daily lives. it will and disaster for the elections and will make jeff sessions the least popular man in the country. jesse: the people have spoke, yes or no. >> state rights don't override federal rights, and we know that. i understand we have a lot of money invested in big queed owners do. the corporate wall street types have money invested and they want to gift. but this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana. they are trying to cloud the
5:36 pm
waters. this is about the rule of law. you hold hearings and you change the law. but what obama did, he bragged about ruling by his pen and phone by edict as a dictator. that's not acceptable. sessions is not creating law, he's restoring law. he's defying the president. because the president was asked directly by a colorado journalist whether he's going to use federal authority to come after the recreational marijuana market in colorado, and president trump said no i will not do that. >> the president made a commitment to the voters of america to restore the rule of law. we know that the last president used his pen and phone edict to create law. that's not consequence teution t
5:37 pm
constitutional. all jeff sessions is doing is restoring the rule of law. jesse: they can classify how marijuana is determined on a federal level. let me play devils advocate. if you are an adult and want to smoke up in the house and you live in colorado. you know it's america, it's legal in colorado. is that a big deal? >> i'll tell you what, that would be up to the law. we have to do this legally. and you know what? this isn't about that debate. i have a 15-year-old son that way before california decided to legalize marijuana, he asked to leave because all of his friends, most of of them were doing weed and he didn't want to be part of it. this isn't even about that. this is about corporate wall
5:38 pm
street money invested. jesse: there is a lot of money to be made off medicinal and recreational marijuana. i wouldn't want my daughters smoking it. i wouldn't encourage that. >> the data in colorado show that teen and adolescent use is at a 10-year low. >> that's not true. not only is that not true, deaths are up. the criminality is affecting all of us. >> that's commit untrue. the data is there. jesse: we are not going to debate the data right now. if i did, i think everyone'size would glaze over. >> 2/3 of americans want recreational marijuana to be legal. jesse: put it to a vote and make it legal under the federal law.
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jesse: our new year's eve broadcast was a big hit, birth wasn't without controversy. my buddy steve baldwin was on and said this about film across storm scott baio. >> i heard they had a new video from the white house christmas party. scott baio was there. here i am with you, but i don't remember getting my invitation to the white house christmas party. there is scott baio and i was
5:44 pm
thinking wow. jesse: i think he was talk about the new year's eve event. scott, what happened? where were you? >> i was at the white house with the president and first lady and 500 other people. >> you were not at mar-a-lago with the president and first lady? >> no. i'm better look and more important than him. you have got to do with you have got to do in life. i would have taken him as my date but i don't think my wife would have appreciated it. jesse: so how was the white house christmas party, by the way? >> have you ever tboant white house? jesse: i went to the white house party for the press. i didn't get to go to the
5:45 pm
celebrity edition like you did. i had never been to the white house. it was beautiful. there was a podium set up and a bunch of people there. he was talk. he asked some people to get up and speak. he looked at me and he said i know you don't like to do this. i said yeah, i do. i spoke for about 30 seconds. he took me and my wife and 36 other people to the therein con bedroom. it's a once in a lifetime experience. i will never forget it. jesse: bald wins so -- walled wi -- baldwinis so jealous afte. >> listening your previous segment with marie harf.
5:46 pm
i am going to help the media right now. i'm going to try to help them. jesse: is that a good idea? they might listen. >> they called the president, he has dementia web's an idiot. he's not mature according to marie harf. but jesse, i'm from brooklyn, president trump is from queens. this is what we do. we mess with people. that's it. jesse: after years of messing with people they still haven't gone the that that's what he does. they act surprised every time. >> they hyperventilate over things he says. you said earlier in the show
5:47 pm
that button with kim jong-un -- jesse: little rocket man. >> that's perfect because he's mocking him and belittling him. i have got a bigger button than you. kim jong-un responds an looks like a child. trump is laying it out there. i love the guy. nobody knows what to expect from him and it's awesome. jesse: for the democrats to say trump is a madman. they lost to a madman. how does that make them look? i would rethink that whole line of attack. scott, i have got to run. but it was great to have you. any last words to baldwin? do you want to promote anything? i've got nothing to promote.
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jesse, always good to see you. jesse: mugshot mania in "watters world," new segment which we are going to debut. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing. save up to $8 on one a day. see sunday's paper. you can switch and save time. it pays to switch things up. [cars honking] [car accelerating] you can switch and save worry. ♪ you can switch and save hassle.
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jesse: they say a picture is worth a thousand words. never is that more true than when it comes to mug shots. here to help me break down some of the good, the band ugliest, standup comedian jimmy failla. first mugshot. are you ready? this guy is noel dawson arrested for charge at his son with a hatchet. if this guy came at you with a hatchet. i don't know if you would be more scared of the hatchet or his face. >> he looks like what happens when you get a kid draw you. never let a kid draw you because you look psychotic. that was the shortest prosecution ever.
5:53 pm
jesse: let's look at sarah rivera, a chicago hooters waitress arrested for disorderly conduct. i guess she was brawling with another hooters waitress. it was a hooters and hooters crime. >> i think they missed an opportunity. they should schedule waitress fights in the middle of the floor. jesse: justin lamar richardson. i don't know what's going on. he has a sandwich. he was popped in september for violation of probation. how did he get a ham sandwich in there? >> this is a bernie sanders supporter who thought the government would give shim free stuff. jesse: what is the line, the grand jury can indict a ham sandwich?
5:54 pm
he apparently they did. this is danielle paris busted in houston for shoplifting. she had to put a mask on her because she was signature sat deputies. >> she is stealing makeup. this is proof every girl needed a friend who will be hoonest with her. she need hair care products. jesse: steven perkins has i think upon his photo 110 bags of crack in his intestines. that's the look of someone who has 110 bags of crack inside him. >> everybody has a new year's diet. jesse: apparent lay they have to smoke crack. we have got to run.
5:55 pm
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your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection.
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jesse: time for last call. an incredible sight in florida it'it's so cold it's range i but juan as. rep tiles are literally freezing and frawlg their perches on the grounds. this photo was taken in broke oh raton. most of i give juanas don't die from the gold weather. once they are placed in the
6:00 pm
sunlight their bodies wake up and they start moving around. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: president trump takes reporters questions on steve bannon, russia collusion, north korea and more. welcome to "justice" i'm jeanine pirro. president trump at camp david with republican leadership. here are some highlights from his us in conference this morning including the president's message for author michael wolff and anyone who questions his fitness for the oval office. >> i went to the best colleges. i was


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